Prayer Connections

How’s your connection? Instantly when we think of prayer we think of concentrated faces, beaten brows and lots of aches in the knee region the following day. In its simplest form prayer is communicating with God Almighty about absolutely anything. Anything? Yup! God, the maker of heaven and earth is interested in everything that I […]

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My times in His hands

Wake up!!! As a parent, it always amazes me of the talents which manifest in my children as they grow. One in particular is the morning wake up!!! At this point, if your a parent, you probably know where I’m going with this. It amazes me that on a school morning they love their bed. […]

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Where are you from?

“Where are you from?” On a recent holiday, I was asked the famed question “Where are you from?” Possibly due to my accent – which certainly was not local to North Devon!! My initial answer was “I’m from the Shire” [Lord of the Rings reference and although I’m from the Rhondda, with my current facial […]

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